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Training for developers, managers, AI liaisons and AI officers.



We're dedicated to bridging the AI disconnect in business- in other words, we want to make sure that today's developers and businesses are positioned to take advantage of AI's benefits now and in the future. We offer online and in-person training for clients of all sizes, from enterprise clients to individual develoeprs.

Here's What We Do

We Help Businesses Understand and Use AI to their Advantage.


Developer Training
We teach developers how to develop across various AI, LLM, and ML platforms, and even how to use AI to their advantage.

AI Liasons & AI Officers

Training AI Liaisons
We teach AI liaisons and AI officers; ranked by HBR as "one of the most important new jobs for the next 10 years". AI liaisons serve as the connection between management and developers that make innovation happen.

C-Suite and Management

AI Information For Decisionmakers

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Prompt Engineering

Prompt Engineering and Thinking for Business
It goes beyond writing emails: in this free course, we teach prompt engineering specifically for business use cases.

Live Training Sessions

In-Person Training

Need classroom-style training? We're here to help. Our team will come and teach an in-person course based upon the most current AI principles.

AI Jobs Network

Reshape Your Future
Our extensive jobs network helps our graduates take advantage of their new knowledge through jobs

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